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Last week I had the opportunity to speak in an evolution class at a secular university. I lectured for 40 minutes on why I reject evolution and believe that the Bible’s account of creation is scientifically far more believable. This was followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The questions were not surprising and most of them are covered in The New Answers Book, volume 1, volume 2 or volume 3. If you don’t have those resources, I encourage you to get them. They answer the questions that people are asking today.

After the lecture I talked to three of the students for about 90 minutes. Two were from India and had a Hindu background, and the other was an agnostic. Most of their questions were spiritual and Biblical in nature and I had a great time interacting with them and explaining the gospel. They all indicated that the lecture and discussion had stimulated their thinking. I love these kinds of speaking opportunities and I pray that God will water the seeds that He enabled me to plant.

This week I have also spoken in the Creation Museum several times. Afterwards, I answer questions in the museum bookstore or help people find resources to answer their questions and equip them to answer questions their friends or children are asking. Sometimes the person is a skeptic or compromised Christian. Many times people come just to say thank-you for all that Answers in Genesis has done to help them come to faith or be strengthened in their faith.

It’s a joy and privilege to serve the Lord. I hope you can say that too.


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