We Trust God’s Word Because We Know the Author!

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Recently, a pastor told me that he was very excited to have an Answers in Genesis speaker at his church. He said there were a number of teens in his church who were seriously questioning their faith. They had watched the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye and thought it was lacking in “evidences.” Bill Nye was convinced that he stood on all the evidences, but that Christians trusted in an ancient book against all the evidences. He likened it to crime scene investigation—it’s all about the evidences.

When I spoke at this church, I took the opportunity to deal with these beliefs. In the debate, Ken Ham tried to explain to Bill Nye that the debate represented two histories, two beliefs about the past, but the secular scientists have assumed that their belief is science and our belief is faith. Bill Nye never grasped this concept and the distinction between historical science, a belief about the past, and observational science, the evidence being tested and examined in the present.

There is another form of evidence used in the courtroom—a trustworthy eyewitness is powerful evidence. As Christians, we have a trustworthy eyewitness. We do not believe the Bible because the evidence confirms it. We trust God’s Word because we know the Author; we know the character of this witness. We understand that because the historical events as recorded in Scripture really did happen, then the evidence we examine in the present ought to be consistent with that history—and it is! Real observational science confirms what Scripture says and goes against man’s idea of how we got here without having to believe in God.

This is the bottom line: we are either going to “trust in the Lord with all our heart” (Proverbs 3:5) or we are going to be “wise in our own eyes” (Proverbs 3:7). Too often, Christians take man’s idea of how we got here apart from God (biological evolution) and assume it is proven science. Therefore, they reject what the Creator plainly said in His Word about how He created.

If we start with God’s Word as being perfect like He said, we will be able to see that the real observational science confirms what He said.

If we start out being wise in our own eyes, thinking that we have to look at the “evidence” and setting ourselves up as judge and jury to decide which view is right, every time some new piece of evidence comes up that seems to disprove the Bible, it’s going to shake our faith.

I really believe this is why the Word of God is so neglected: people are not sure they can trust everything God says. For me, when new evidence comes up, it does not shake my faith. I already know the Bible is true; I know the Author. I don’t react to every headline that reports that science has disproven the Bible. All I have to do is wait a while and the explanations, from real science, will eventually catch up with the Bible.


Bob Gillespie

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