Opening Night of the Mega Conference


For the next several days, this blog will keep you informed on some of the latest happenings at the 2011 Apologetics Mega Conference. We have sent one of our writers (Tim Chaffey) to attend the conference and report on the various sessions and perhaps interview some of those in attendance.

Monday Night:

Tim McKenzie is the president and founder of On Every Word, a ministry that seeks to inspire the love, value, and practice of abiding in God’s Word. He opened the conference by delivering a stirring rendition of the days of creation from memory. Each day was supplemented with dozens of related biblical passages combined with music and beautiful images from around this world God has made.

This presentation is available on a DVD entitled And God Said…

For the second session of the evening, Ken Ham gave the first half of a presentation based on his new book entitled Already Compromised. He started by explaining the differences between operational science and historical science. Many people present the creation vs. evolution debate as a battle over faith vs. science. However, this is simply false. Both creation and evolution, along with young earth vs. old earth, are matters of historical science. The best place to learn history is from a reliable historical resource. The Bible provides the accurate history of our world and is from the God who made everything, who was there, who knows everything, and who cannot lie. As such, we know what happened in the past because God has told us.

The remaining portion of the presentation focused on the compromise that is rife within the church. Several Christian professors, leaders, and pastors have rejected a straightforward understanding of Genesis 1–2 because of man’s beliefs about the past. Video or audio segments were played from Bruce Waltke, Peter Enns, John Sailhamer, Karl Giberson, Darrel Falk, Jeff Schloss, William Lane Craig, Tremper Longman III, John Walton, J.P. Moreland, Joel Hunter, John Piper, Tim Keller, N.T. Wright, Alister McGrath, Dinesh D’Souza, Greg Boyd, and more. Not only have these Christian leaders rejected the plain words of Scripture regarding the age of the earth and how God created everything, but most of them reject the Bible’s clear teaching that Adam and Eve were the first two human beings. Tim Keller went so far as to say that believing in a literal interpretation of Genesis 1–2 is to believe there was an “idiotic editor” of these chapters.

The vast majority of the folks in attendance were from outside of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. We are encouraged that so many people would travel several hours to attend this major apologetics conference. Please pray for our speakers—that God would give them clarity of thought and speech, and that they would proclaim His truth boldly and respectfully. Also, please pray that the Lord would prepare the hearts and minds of those in attendance, so that they will learn more about Him and His Word and would be encouraged to share the truth with others.

Look for further updates from the conference throughout the week. Thanks for reading!

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