Construction Update: The Beams Go Up for the Jerusalem Building

by Ken Ham on July 9, 2024
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Just a few days ago, we recognized the eighth anniversary of the opening of the Ark Encounter. In a blog post, I highlighted the massive changes that have taken place since opening—and, well, there’s more coming! Enjoy these construction update photos for the new Welcome Center and Jerusalem model building.

  • Welcome Center beams
  • Welcome Center beams
  • Welcome Center beams
  • Welcome Center beams
  • Crane setting beams
  • Welcome Center construction at Ark Encounter
  • Welcome Center construction at Ark Encounter
  • Crane placing beams
  • Welcome Center construction
  • Welcome Center construction at Ark Encounter

As you can see, this building is really taking shape. All the concrete for the foundation of the large building is complete, the Jerusalem model pits are finished, and construction teams are currently working on the installation of the structural steel beams.

The Welcome Center will open in 2025. The Jerusalem building, housing the very large model of first-century Jerusalem, is scheduled to open in 2026.

Come soon to visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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