Ministry Update: Construction Continues on Jerusalem Model Building and New HQ

by Ken Ham on October 28, 2023
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One of our staff members was recently chatting with a guest at the Ark Encounter who remarked, “We visited in 2019 and are excited to be back—but we’re blown away by all the additions and upgrades! The Ark’s still there, but everything else feels so different!” Yes, we’re constantly upgrading and adding new exhibits and features—all designed to point people to the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. And those new additions continue!

Welcome Center and Jerusalem Model Building

Construction and design of the new Welcome Center and Jerusalem building (to house the coming massive model of first-century Jerusalem) at the Ark Encounter is well underway. Our design team is working hard behind the scenes on this extensive project. As one small part of what will be a stunning facility, designers are working on creating a special fountain, based on detailed archaeological research, for the new Welcome Center.

The artists are making molds to cast parts for the fountain. I have included a rendering of the concept art of the space where it will be placed and some of the archaeological references the artists are using to produce the fountain’s design.

  • New Welcome Center render
  • Welcome Center interior render
  • Wall Water Fountain concept
  • Working on fountain
  • Working on fountain
  • Working on fountain
  • Hebron art studio
  • Hebron worker
  • Working on fountain

This is just one small project within the scope of this major project that will take at least another 18 months and will greatly enhance the Ark Encounter and add a very popular new exhibit. We’re very excited!

AiG Headquarters and Answers Academy Building

At the end of December, AiG’s unique Christian school, Answers Academy, will move into the new AiG Headquarters building. Answers Academy will occupy the left 30% of this large building.

Answers Academy side of HQ

This new building will allow the school to more than quadruple in size. All floors have been renovated, and the walls are painted. Classroom furniture is being installed on all three floors. And the new staircase in the back of the building is almost done. While the school will move in this December, AiG’s office staff will begin moving into the rest of the building sometime next year as more renovations are completed.

Yes, the finish line is close!

  • Classroom
  • Common area
  • Classroom
  • Auditorium
  • Classroom
  • Study area
  • Hallway
  • Hallway
  • Answers Academy stairway construction
  • Answers Academy Group Photo
  • Answers Academy Logo

Answers Academy is a unique discipleship worldview school in Northern Kentucky (15 minutes from the Creation Museum) helping parents to raise up godly offspring. I encourage you to consider this school for your children. Learn more at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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