What Is Central to the Creation Museum?

by Ken Ham on September 4, 2023
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The walk through the Bible at the Creation Museum, called the 7 C’s of History, has always been the backbone of the museum. Now, there are lots of other exhibits, including the most powerful pro-life exhibit in the world, an insectarium, and dinosaur exhibits, as well as a planetarium, 4D theater, beautiful gardens, and much more. But the 7 C’s of History walkthrough is central to the museum.

These 7 C’s are also the foundation for much of our curricula as we take a chronological approach to teaching the Bible with doctrine, apologetics, and worldview teaching. Now, what are the 7 C’s?

  • Creation. God created everything in six literal 24-hour days around 6,000 years ago. This original creation was “very good” (perfect).
  • Corruption. The first two people God made, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God and brought death and suffering into his creation. We no longer live in a “very good” creation; we live in a groaning world.
  • Catastrophe. Adam and Eve’s descendants became increasingly wicked until God judged their sin with a global flood. This flood covered the whole earth and laid down rock layers and fossils.
  • Confusion. After the flood, Noah’s descendants gathered in rebellion against God, and so God judged their sin by confusing their languages, forcing them to spread out and fill the earth. This event resulted in different people groups forming around the world.
  • Christ. Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, stepped into history and lived the perfect life that none of us can ever live.
  • Cross. Jesus went to the cross and died in our place. He took upon himself the penalty of death that we deserve because of our sin. Then he rose from the dead, conquering sin and death, and now offers the free gift of eternal life to all who will turn from their sin and who trust in Christ alone.
  • Consummation. Jesus is coming again! He will make a new heavens and a new earth where there will be no more death, suffering, or disease.

The 7 C’s walkthrough will always be central to the museum, so over time we continue to upgrade all the individual exhibits within this walk. Recently, our design team upgraded the 7 C’s signs, and they have been adding plants, upgrading animals, and making many other changes. And there are many more changes to come, including enhancing the murals. It’s probable that most of the times you return to visit, there will be differences that are very noticeable and some not so noticeable.

The next time you visit the Creation Museum, spend time looking carefully at everything in the 7 C’s walkthrough, as there is more there than most realize.

The next time you visit the Creation Museum, spend time looking carefully at everything in the 7 C’s walkthrough, as there is more there than most realize.

Here are some photos of the new signs and other photos from the 7 C’s walkthrough of the Bible. Come and join us soon at the Creation Museum and also at the Ark Encounter, the world’s leading Christian themed attractions.

  • 7 C's of History
  • Garden of Eden, Creation
  • Adam and Eve with the fruit and the serpent, Corruption
  • Noah's ark, Catastrophe
  • Tower of Babel, Confusion
  • Christ, Cross, and Consummation

Kids 10 and under are free, so plan your visit today at CreationMuseum.org and ArkEncounter.com.

7 C’s of History Teaching Tools

The 7 C’s really are a powerful way of teaching children God’s Word—that’s why this chronological walk through the Bible is featured in our 2024 Answers VBS The Great Jungle Journey. This epic jungle-cruise-themed vacation Bible school stops at seven ports of call—The 7 C’s of History—to help children understand how God’s Word explains God’s world, and how the Old Testament connects with the New Testament and the saving message of the gospel. I encourage you to consider Answers VBS for your next summer program—there’s really nothing else like this combination of in-depth Bible teaching, apologetics, a gospel focus, and fun. (You can save 25% on your preorder of a Super Starter Kit or Starter Kit with code VBS24B through January 10, 2024!)

Or bring the 7 C’s to your home or church with Mrs. C and Me: Journey Through the 7 C’s of History. Kids in K–2nd grade will discover and apply the true history of the world alongside Mrs. C and her friends—including 16 fun animated videos! This curriculum would make a great weeknight follow-up after taking kids through The Great Jungle Journey.

Check out these great resources and more at AnswersBookstore.com.

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