Christmas Is Coming to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on September 7, 2022
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Christmas is coming! And we’re getting ready to welcome tens of thousands of visitors for our annual Christmas traditions, ChristmasTime at the Ark Encounter and ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. Beginning the day after Thanksgiving (November 25, 2022), on select nights through December 30, you’ll enjoy stunning light displays (hundreds of thousands of lights), Christmas carols, a live nativity, and more.

Both attractions offer a different Christmas experience for the whole family.

By the way, the lights aren’t just draped on trees—there’s a lot of design put into the way the lights are wrapped on trees and placed on buildings at both locations. The lights are spectacular with new designs added each year.

ChristmasTime at the Ark Encounter

Both attractions offer a different Christmas experience for the whole family. At the Ark Encounter, be dazzled by the life-size Noah’s Ark lit up in rainbow colors, gorgeous lights throughout the grounds, a traditional Christmas carol singalong as well as other music in the warmth of the 2,500-seat Answers Center, our Encounter the Wonder show, carousel rides (free), and more—all for free (you just pay for parking). Enhance your visit with our stunning VR experience or by touring the inside of the life-size Noah’s Ark (ticket purchases required).

ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum

At the Creation Museum, enjoy a breathtaking garden of lights (one of the best light displays in the entire Cincinnati area), lit-up dinosaurs throughout the grounds, a live nativity (including live animals), and more. And it’s all free (you just pay for parking)! Upgrade your experience by enjoying The Christmas Star in our 4k planetarium, touring the Creation Museum, or ziplining over the Christmas lights (ticket purchases required).

Both attractions also feature festive food and drinks and unique Christmas gifts. Both ChristmasTown and ChristmasTime are wonderful family experiences and traditions for many families in our Tristate area (and beyond).

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Join Our Staff for the Christmas Season

And you can also join us for ChristmasTown and ChristmasTime in a different way: by joining us for a seasonal position at one of our attractions. We’re hiring for the busy Christmas season in guest services, culinary, housekeeping, and more. If you’d like to make extra income over the holidays while helping us share the good news of God’s Word and the gospel message, please apply today at

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