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by Ken Ham on July 3, 2022
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While the first day of school is still weeks away, many homeschooling parents are well into planning their fall curriculum. And if you’re still looking for a homeschool Bible curriculum that emphasizes biblical authority, teaches apologetics, and brings the Bible to life, look no further than Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. I believe it is the best and most powerful such curriculum available.

ABC Homeschool is:

  • In-depth. We believe truth doesn’t need to watered down or made “fluffy” for kids. They thrive on “meat” from God’s Word.
  • Chronological. The Bible comes to life when we understand it chronologically, seeing where all the people, places, and events fit with each other.
  • Gospel-focused. We want to see children transformed by the knowledge of who they are and who Christ is. We teach the gospel throughout the entire curriculum, starting in Genesis, helping kids not only fully grasp the true gospel but see Jesus throughout the entire Bible (after all, it’s all about him!).
  • Filled with apologetics. Children must be equipped with answers to the questions of our day. This helps them defend their faith and be thoughtful Christians who know what they believe and why.
  • Colorful and fun! The worksheets are filled with age-appropriate activities that will help children build skills while they learn.

You will love the teaching your kids will receive with ABC Homeschool (and you’ll also love how much you learn in the lesson and with the detailed “Prepare to Share” section for parents or older students!). Oh, and there’s also a fun and very popular video component featuring AiG’s Avery Foley and Bryan Osborne called Building Blocks that helps reinforce the main themes with object lessons, games, and more (you can enjoy this program, included free with ABC Homeschool or with your Answers TV subscription, on Answers TV).

This curriculum teaches students that the Bible is the history book of the universe. Each account is treated as a real event that truly happened, just as the Bible describes.

ABC Homeschool doesn’t teach a collection of Bible stories. Rather, this curriculum teaches students that the Bible is the history book of the universe. Each account is treated as a real event that truly happened, just as the Bible describes.

By looking at the chronological history described in the Bible, students will be equipped to stand on the foundation of God’s Word, defend their faith, and discuss how each account connects to the larger narrative and God’s redemptive plan.

You won’t find ABC’s emphasis on apologetics, chronology, and metanarrative anywhere else.

Check out the short videos on our site to find out more.

There’s still time to order ABC Homeschool before the school year begins. Enjoy free sample lessons or order Year 1 or Year 2 (Year 3 will be available in 2023 and Year 4 in 2024) today at

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