Looking for a College Recommendation? Consider Maranatha Baptist University

by Ken Ham on June 22, 2022
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There are so few colleges that stand on God’s Word and teach a truly biblical worldview, from the very first verse. That’s why when I know of a school that does, I get excited! And one of those schools is Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, Wisconsin.

I’ve spoken at MBU in the past, and when I debated Bill Nye “The Science Guy” back in 2014, they livestreamed the event to their auditorium for all of their students to enjoy. They love the Answers in Genesis ministry and even sponsor the Creation Museum, so we’re excited to share about them with you.

Maranatha offers online and in-person learning and undergraduate, graduate, and seminary degrees in a variety of subjects to prepare students for careers in church ministry, missions, business, nursing and other medical professions, biochemistry, education, music, fine arts, and many more.

If you can’t trust what God plainly told us in Genesis, why should you trust what he told us anywhere?

I encourage you to consider Maranatha Baptist University. Sadly, most Christian colleges today have compromised on the clear teachings of God’s Word in Genesis with man’s ideas about the past. This compromise is corroding the next generation’s belief in biblical authority in all areas. After all, if you can’t trust what God plainly told us in Genesis, why should you trust what he told us anywhere? Don’t send your student to such a school—chose one that stands boldly on the authority of God’s Word, like MBU.

To learn more about this excellent college visit mbu.edu.

Meet with Maranatha at Our 2022 Creation College Expo

Oh, by the way, Maranatha (along with a handful of other colleges/universities) has also been a sponsor at our Creation College Expo since 2015, alongside other schools that take God’s Word seriously. We invite students in grades 7–12 to this free event November 3–5, 2022, to meet one-on-one with college representatives, as well tour the Ark for free. Visit our event page to register.

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