What Is God Doing in Ukraine?

by Ken Ham on April 16, 2022
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War is heartbreaking. And as the stories from Ukraine and Russia have flooded our news feeds, many of us have a heavy heart at the suffering men, women, and children are enduring. But be encouraged: God is at work, and his people are remaining faithful to his call for us to care for those in desperate circumstances. To encourage you, I thought I would share an update from our ministry partners, Children’s Hunger Fund, on what the Lord is doing through his church in Ukraine.

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) has partnered with churches in Ukraine for over a decade through a relationship with their ministry partners, Slavic Gospel Association. Both ministries provide food and practical help in Christ’s name through a network of local churches and pastors. This ensures that connections are made with those in need so they can hear the gospel and potentially become involved with the local church.

Here’s what Eric Mock, Vice President of Ministry Operations at the Slavic Gospel Association, shares about what’s happening in Ukraine, according to a report from CFH:

“The other side of the story,” Eric shared with us recently, ”is a legion of faithful followers of Jesus Christ that are not running from the fray. They tell us stories of hearing gunfire down the street. Of tanks, literally rolling down their streets. Of explosions and gunfire. In the meantime, they’re gathering for worship. They’re going down the street to the people in need, and they’re taking food to them.

“These are the new heroes of the faith: of faithful pastors who realize they may lose their own life, but they know that there are people in their villages that are distant from God. And if they don’t stay in place, if they don’t endure, who will tell them about Jesus?”

The church in Ukraine, as well as in neighboring nations such as Romania, Poland, and Moldova, is faithfully and sacrificially serving refugees fleeing violence, as well as those families who remain in Ukraine. And, as a result, the gospel is spreading, and those with no hope, who’ve lost everything almost overnight, are finding the eternal hope that comes from knowing Christ. Praise the Lord!

You can learn more about what God is doing in this video from CHF:

Answers VBS & CHF

I mentioned earlier that CHF is a ministry partner of ours. Each of our Answers VBS programs features a Missions Moment to encourage children to put into action the gospel-hope they’ve been learning about all week. And this has resulted in giving millions of meals to needy children as well as the truth of God’s Word.

Because of their passion for and focus on the gospel along with meeting practical needs, CHF is the ministry that we have chosen to partner with for this important aspect of our Vacation Bible School.

Because of their passion for and focus on the gospel along with meeting practical needs, CHF is the ministry that we have chosen to partner with for this important aspect of our VBS. You can learn more about Answers VBS—including this year’s powerful sanctity of life VBS Zoomerang—at AnswersVBS.com.

I encourage you to consider donating to Children’s Hunger Fund or the Slavic Gospel Association to be part of what the church is doing in Ukraine and the surrounding area for the sake and glory of Christ and his gospel. Visit ChildrensHungerFund.org or SGA.org.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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