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by Ken Ham on March 29, 2022
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Christ is risen! In just a few weeks Christians will be specifically celebrating the risen Lord in homes and churches around the world. At this time of year, many unbelievers are more open to attending church or having spiritual conversations about Christ and what he came to do. So, we have resources to help you share the gospel with others during this season.

A Biblical and Historical Look at Easter” is a short booklet that deals with questions such as,

  • What’s the meaning of Easter?
  • From where does the origin of the holiday come?
  • Is it for Christians?
  • Is it a pagan holiday that Christians have adopted erroneously?

It’s an interesting read that points people towards Christ and what he came to do for us while providing background information about the holiday people will love. We currently have packs of 10 and 100 that are heavily discounted so you can share them with others.

Christ, Cross, and Consummation” and “Views of the Cross” are two other tracts we have available that tell readers who Jesus is, what he came to do, and why that’s the best message for everyone to hear today. These two tracts are also available as free downloads so you can read them yourself and print them off and share them with others.

As you share tracts and the gospel message with people this Easter season, we want you to be equipped to answer skeptical questions about the resurrection of Christ, so we have a variety of resources available to equip you:

We hope you will take this special time of year as an opportunity to share the gospel with others. To help you do that, I encourage you to explore all of our Easter resources on our special Easter and Outreach specials page at Even if you feel ill-equipped to talk to people, these tracts will do the teaching for you!

Easter Living History Event at the Creation Museum

Another wonderful opportunity for outreach this Easter is to bring family and friends to the Creation Museum on Easter weekend. Not only will they hear the gospel message and be challenged with the truth of God’s Word as they tour through the exhibits, but we’re hosting a special Easter Living History event Friday–Sunday (April 15–17, 2022) that guests will love and that’s sure to spark conversations that allow you to talk about Christ.

Guests will enjoy interacting with the reenactors and learning more about Passover in first-century Israel—it will be a highly unique experience!

Our Easter Living History event features reenactors in accurately recreated costumes providing details on the historical background of Easter and Passover, with three special displays: an auxiliary military camp, a money-changers table, and a baker’s shop. Guests will enjoy interacting with the reenactors and learning more about Passover in first-century Israel—it will be a highly unique experience! “Easter Living History” is included with Creation Museum admission. This experience is being conducted by many of the artists who design and build the exhibits at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum here in N. Kentucky.

Plan your visit at (and, don’t forget: all children 10 and under enjoy free admission in 2022!).

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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