The Reviews Are In: A Commentary Like No Other

by Ken Ham on February 23, 2022
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My new verse-by-verse commentary on Genesis chapters 1–11, Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families, is now back in stock after completely selling out of the first printing. We’re so excited that so many families have ordered this commentary and are using it to study the foundational chapters of Genesis together as a family.

Creation to Babel

This commentary answers so many of the questions I’ve been asked over 40 years of ministry and is devotional in nature. It’s a great way for families to study God’s Word, find answers to objections to the truth of God’s Word as they arise, see Jesus and the gospel in Genesis, and reflect on the character of God together.

To help others find this resource, we encourage you, if you’ve read Creation to Babel, to leave a review anywhere the book is sold, particularly at,, and Here are just a few of the reviews that have come in:

  • Creation to Babel Review
  • Creation to Babel Review
  • Creation to Babel Review
  • Creation to Babel Review
  • Creation to Babel Review

Praise the Lord for how he is using this resource to encourage and equip families! You can find Creation to Babel at

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