3 Reasons to Host a VBS at Your Church in 2022

by Ken Ham on November 17, 2021
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Does your church host a VBS program? Many of us have wonderful memories of attending a Vacation Bible School program as children. But is it worth the time and effort to put on a week-long VBS at your church in 2022? Yes! Here are three reasons why:

  1. Kids hear the gospel message. Many children in our communities (and even in the church) have never heard the gospel message. VBS is a wonderful opportunity to share with children how much Christ loves them and that he died for them. And not only do they hear the gospel message, but they also receive one whole week of solid biblical teaching. This helps lay a biblical foundation for their thinking (and, when you use Answers VBS, the children are also equipped with apologetics to answer their questions and help them understand that the Bible can be trusted).
  2. The church can build relationships with the community. VBS is a wonderful outreach to the community. Many unchurched children will attend and hear the gospel for the very first time—what a wonderful way to plant seeds of truth in their little hearts. Don’t underestimate the power of children hearing the gospel at a young age—it has such an impact! And as a result, whole families are often impacted.
  3. Your church can be the hands and feet of Christ. VBS is a great opportunity for the entire church to come together to serve the children and families in the church and community. Christ has called us to serve, and VBS, which requires so many different gifts and talents to pull off, is a practical way for everyone to serve together.

If your church would like to host a VBS in 2022, consider Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Life, our 2022 Answers VBS. It’s a sanctity of life VBS that presents the message that every life—from the tiniest unborn life to the oldest person—is special and valuable to God. It’s such a powerful, evangelistic (and fun!) curriculum that will make a big impact in communities around you. Learn more at AnswersVBS.com (and enjoy 25% off when you use code VBS22B at checkout). Personally, I believe AiG’s VBS program is the most powerful in the world. In fact, once churches use it, many leaders will tell us they only use AiG’s VBS program from then on.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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