Genesis: Paradise Lost Curriculum, Fractals, and New Kids’ Resources

by Ken Ham on July 6, 2021
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We are always working hard to produce new resources to better equip you or partnering with others who are doing just that. And I’m excited to announce four brand-new resources that are now available on our online store,

Genesis: Paradise Lost

Genesis: Paradise Lost Curriculum

See the first week of history—creation week—brought to life in Genesis: Paradise Lost, a film from Creation Today featuring spectacular animations of the first six days of creation and teaching from experts. (We feature select excerpts of this program in our 4D Special Effects Theater at the Creation Museum.) And now you can dive even deeper with a small group curriculum accompanying the film!

Included with the curriculum is the feature-length Genesis: Paradise Lost film, along with seven sessions of teaching from Eric Hovind of Creation Today, to help you explore the content even further. Accompanying the seven teaching sessions is a study guide. This curriculum is a great way to engage your small group with the truth of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis.

A Secret Code in Creation?


Fractals are works of art and composed of numbers. Sound strange? Discover the mind-boggling world of fractals in a new book from astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle of the Biblical Science Institute. Fractals: the secret code of creation will zoom you in on the details as you discover:

  • Even abstract concepts like numbers could not exist apart from God.
  • The beauty of God’s design and creation are displayed through full-color representations of numbers.
  • The Christian worldview makes sense of mathematics and mathematical properties.

Fractals is now available for preorder and is sure to inspire you to praise the one who made all things.

Animals—from a Creationist Perspective!

God's Big Book of Animals

God’s Big Book of Animals is a full-color adventure through God’s creation. Filled with fascinating animal facts, kids will love the stunning photos as they discover 60 different creatures God has made. They’ll discover the secrets of their favorite animals: why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, how octopuses change colors, and what helps insects walk sideways and even upside down?

So many books about animals are filled with evolutionary teaching and mentions of “millions of years”—this resource celebrates creation with the right worldview, bringing praise to the Creator of everything.

7 Ages of Dinosaurs—Now in a New Format!

7 Ages of Dinosaurs

Kids love dinosaurs—but they often hear about them through the wrong lens, associating them with millions of years and evolution. But God’s Word gives us the proper framework for understanding these creatures. My children’s book Dinosaurs for Kids has been a very popular resource for families, and I’m excited that it’s being released in a fun new format—as a swivel book. This new swivel book teaches the basic concepts of Dinosaurs for Kids (the “7 Ages of Dinosaurs”) and makes a great, and inexpensive, witnessing tool for kids of all ages.

New Resources Arriving All the Time

Other new resources from Answers in Genesis include:

Find all our resources at and take advantage of our summer sales.

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