Don’t Miss Hands-on Science at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on June 1, 2021
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There’s so much hands-on science from a biblical worldview perspective taking place at the Creation Museum—and you don’t want your student to miss out! We’re offering a full year of labs at the Creation Museum in N. Kentucky for high school students and four summer day camps for ages eleven and up to inspire a lifetime of learning—and all from a truly biblical worldview.

A Year of Labs

Four high-school-level science lab courses are available for registration in the 2021-2022 school year.

Not only will your student discover hands-on science, but it’s taught through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Each lab is made up of 12 sessions with 24 labs total. They begin in September and go through April, taking place at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, west of the Cincinnati Airport. Not only will your student discover hands-on science, but it’s taught through the lens of a biblical worldview.

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Science, Forensics, and STEM Camps

We’re also offering four Explore Science Camps this summer at the Creation Museum. These camps are hands-on with expert instruction from those who hold to the Word of God as the authority. The instructors teach science through the lens of God’s Word, emphasizing it as the foundation for our thinking and our worldview. It’s a great way to discover the wonders of God’s creation and science—without the evolutionary nonsense that permeates much of education today!

The first two camps focus on five different sciences (one each day): earth science, physical science, forensic science, zoology, and astronomy. Then we have a three-day forensics camp and a three-day STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) camp. Here are the dates:

Your children will love these fun camps and the strong foundation in a biblical worldview that they’ll receive. Register today on our Creation Museum website.

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