Do You Need to “Repent”?

by Ken Ham on April 18, 2021
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When I’m speaking in the Answers Center auditorium at the Ark Encounter, I chat with the audience before I begin my talk and highlight various Answers in Genesis resources they may not be familiar with, including Answers TV. Now, the way I do it always gets a laugh, but it makes an important point about the use of media in the home.

Answers TV is our streaming platform that will build you up in your faith, equip you to share the gospel and think more biblically, and it is safe for the whole family.

Here’s what I do. I ask the audience how many subscribe to Netflix . . . and lots of hands go up. Then I ask how many have Disney+ . . . more hands go up. Then I ask how many have the Bible-upholding, faith-equipping, family-friendly Christian streaming platform, Answers TV—hands go up, but a lot less than for Netflix and Disney+. Then I (tongue-in-cheek, of course!) tell them they need to repent and get Answers TV, the streaming platform that will build you up in your faith and equip you to share the gospel and to think more biblically—and it is safe for the whole family.

Now while, of course, I don’t really believe you need to “repent” for not having Answers TV, I strongly encourage you to subscribe today. You’ll enjoy access to over 3,000 videos, and you don’t need to worry that your children will be indoctrinated by LGBT activists, evolution and millions of years, and other anti-biblical teachings.

Here’s what one mother shared about how her children, and the whole family, are enjoying their subscription:

Thanks so much for offering Answers TV. We have a young family and greatly enjoy watching "Hike and Seek", "The Wild Brothers", and "Schus Off!" especially. In a culture that has a relative void of edifying media, your service is such a blessing. Thank you and God bless.
– L.E.

Hike and Seek with wildlife filmmaker Peter Schriemer, The Wild Brothers with missionary brothers, and Schus Off!, featuring the Schu family (Avery Foley’s family) adventuring in God’s creation, are just three of the many programs on Answers TV. These three programs, along with Buddy Davis’ fun program Out and About, are the most popular with children. They love learning about and exploring God’s creation through the lens of a biblical worldview. You won’t find programs like these that honor the Creator on either Netflix or Disney+!

And there’s more being added to Answers TV every week. Recent additions include “The California Forest Under the Sea Expedition,” “Tracking Down the Tree” with the Wild Brothers, “The Tireless Dragon of Old,” and the drama “Power Play.” And that’s just a sampling of what’s new, with more coming soon!

Shows like Schus Off!, Hike and Seek, and Out and About are available exclusively on Answers TV. To enjoy them today with your family, subscribe or enjoy a seven-day free trial at You won’t regret the investment (of only $4.99 a month or $39.99 for a whole year) in your family’s faith and entertainment!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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