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by Ken Ham on October 9, 2020
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“Where did everything come from?” That’s a big question—and how you answer it has major consequences. The secular world says life and the universe came from the big bang and millions of years of astronomical, geological, and biological evolution (and, sadly, much of the church borrows their ideas). But these ideas aren’t supported by the observational evidence.

Discover the truth in a new documentary from Back2Genesis, Dismantled: A Scientific Deconstruction of the Theory of Evolution, premiering for three days (beginning today!) for free on AiG’s high-quality, God-honoring streaming service, Answers TV.

This documentary—featuring some familiar faces from Answers in Genesis, including Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, and Dr. Andrew Snelling, as well as other scientists—powerfully dismantles evolutionary ideas, demonstrating that the evidence from biology, paleoanthropology, and genetics contradicts what we’d expect starting with naturalistic, evolutionary ideas about the past.

You won’t want to miss this excellent documentary—and I encourage you to watch it with unbelieving friends and family, challenging them with both observational science and truth from God’s Word. It’s very well suited for watching with skeptics.

Subscribers and non-subscribers can both watch Dismantled for free on our streaming service, Answers TV, during the three-day premiere, October 9–11, 2020. After this weekend, Dismantled will then be available on Answers TV for rent for both subscribers and non-subscribers of Answers TV.

This documentary is fascinating as it thoroughly dismantles evolutionary ideas. I urge you to subscribe to Answers TV (only $4.99 a month or only $39.99 for a whole year) today and enjoy this premiere, along with the nearly 2,000 other videos, including science programs, nature shows, conferences, children’s videos, and so much more. Visit

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