Grace Relations with Dr. Charles Ware Streaming on Answers TV

by Ken Ham on August 2, 2020
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My friend Dr. Charles Ware, a man of “the darker hue” as he says, has an intense passion for equipping the church to deal with the race issue from the perspective of grace—not race—relations. (Because there’s only one human race—Adam’s race). He shares deep biblical truth in such a passionate way, you can’t help but be moved by what he shares. And six of his grace relations presentations are coming to our streaming platform, Answers TV, throughout August.

Dr. Ware and I recently did a Facebook Live video together from the Ark Encounter on this issue. We dove into the root of racism, reparations, the gospel, and even some interesting stories from our years of talking on this subject. I know you’ll enjoy this video.

On Answers TV we feature teaching from our Answers for Pastors conference last year which was on the theme “One Race One Blood.” Dr. Ware’s newest presentations, recorded before a live audience at the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter recently, continue to go deeper and will thoroughly equip you to compassionately and biblically respond to the racism crisis plaguing America right now. These presentations will be released throughout the month of August only on Answers TV. In fact, there are many powerful videos dealing with the topic of the origin of so called “races,” racism and prejudice on our new streaming service.

Will thoroughly equip you to compassionately and biblically respond to the racism crisis plaguing America right now.

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