Truths from Genesis for Our Modern World—Using Modern Technologies

by Ken Ham on April 14, 2020
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Today’s wonderful technology enables us to proclaim biblical truths in new and highly effective ways. And here at AiG, we want to use the latest in modern tools to get out our vital creation-gospel messages. So when we had to temporarily close our two attractions and our offices due to COVID–19 , and then a radio network asked me to create a 60-second spot to offer encouragement and Bible teaching during this crisis, how could we produce the spot for them without our recording studio being available?

Well, I recorded the spot at home! But how, without a sound booth, microphone, and an audio engineer? I just used my iPhone, plus a great new tool and a special app. I have an AirPods Pro, and these special earplugs actually have two tiny microphones on the inside and on the outside of both plugs. So using a special app that our AV department found for me, I recorded the following radio spot right into my iPhone—and the audio quality actually turned out ok. Then by simple email, we sent the recording to the network (and we also made it available to several other radio networks for possible airplay).

When AiG started our daily “Answers” radio program in the mid-1990s, we had to mail our programs to radio stations (they were recorded on CDs). Eventually we used an agency to send our programs to stations via satellite (and still do). Now we can deliver programs via the internet—much more simply and without the cost of producing hundreds of CDs and paying postage. And we get radio spots to stations right away; they don’t have to wait for the programs to arrive by mail.

Pray that the people listening to the brief teaching spot all over America will be blessed by it and discover that the Bible answers the question as to why we have diseases, suffering, and death in our world today.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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