Answers Magazine Features Evolution’s Biggest Challenge

by Ken Ham on October 26, 2019
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What’s the biggest challenge to evolutionary ideas? There are so many things that you could point to—the origin of life, the complexity of a single cell, the language system that is DNA, and so much more. Well, the most recent issue of Answers, our award-winning biblical worldview magazine, points to something you can see all around you—the eye! The lead article shares cutting-edge research on eyeballs throughout nature, showing they are far more complex than anyone could have imagined.

This article is fascinating—you won’t want to miss it! This newest issue also includes articles on “fishy” evolution, what scientists ignore about climate change, and how reindeer are able to thrive in their frigid home. You’ll also find these articles:

  • Why Do Children Suffer? Only God’s Word can give us answers about suffering—and offer comfort.
  • Is There Life on Other Planets? “Is there life out there?” Science doesn’t have the answer, but the Bible does.
  • Millions of Micro Movers. The cells in your body are bustling with proteins, called kinesin, that faithfully deliver their hefty “packages” to each destination.
  • Is a Biblical Worldview Optional? Our worldview affects every area of life. So parents cannot afford to depend on others to form their children’s worldview.
  • Is the Bible’s Cosmology Borrowed from Pagan Myths? Did the Bible simply borrow its view of the universe from ancient pagan religions?

Your kids will also learn about the design of eyes throughout creation, including their own, in a kids’ mini magazine included with your subscription. This short magazine for children is a great way to help them to build a biblical worldview.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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