Answers VBS Kingdom Chronicles Now Available in Spanish

by Ken Ham on September 4, 2019
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We are so excited to announce another of our Answers Vacation Bible School (VBS) curriculum is now available in Spanish (Español). Kingdom Chronicles (the sixth Answers VBS program produced) has just been released as Las Crónicas Del Reino: Manteniéndonos Fuertes en la Batalla por la Verdad. This medieval-themed Vacation Bible School encourages and equips children to stand strong in the battle for truth.

Las Crónicas Del Reino joins Conmoción Oceánica (our 2016 Answers VBS) in our Spanish VBS collection. It is 100% digital, allowing it to be downloaded and used anywhere in the world. Many churches and missionaries use these Spanish VBS programs, and children love them! They challenge the children with truth, equipping them with answers to the questions of our day and helping them to think biblically. Children will be taught how to put on the full armor of God so they can stand strong in the battle for truth. Along the way, they’ll also learn the contrast between God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom of darkness.

There’s no other VBS quite like Answers VBS, with its unique blend of apologetics, biblical authority, and, of course, fun. We’re thrilled we now have two VBS programs available in Spanish and look forward to releasing more translated programs in the future.

Learn more and download Las Crónicas Del Reino from our online store,

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