First-Ever Deaf Answers Conference at Ark Encounter Features Equipping Workshops

by Ken Ham on August 4, 2019
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In the United States alone about a quarter to half a million people have American Sign Language as their natural language. As a part of the Deaf community, these individuals have a language and culture unique to them. Every year, we offer Deaf Days at both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky as an outreach to this community. And, for the first time, this outreach has been expanded from Deaf Days to Deaf Answers, a special conference in ASL, at the Ark Encounter November 8–10, 2019.

During this special apologetics/biblical authority conference for the Deaf, attendees will enjoy faith-equipping keynote sessions in ASL, a testimony from the Garcia family of A&E’s “Deaf Out Loud,” the ASL movie, Job, by Deaf Missions, a Deaf-led worship service, a host of various workshops, and more. These workshops include sessions specifically for Deaf missionaries and pastors, a Bible time for Deaf children, workshops for ASL interpreters, and more. CEUs are even available for some of the workshop sessions.

During breaks in the conference, attendees can tour the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter and enjoy ASL interpretation during specific times at each location. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship and learning for all involved.

If you are Deaf, have a heart for Deaf ministry, or have some Deaf friends or acquaintances, make plans to attend this one-of-a-kind conference and/or invite someone to attend (or better still, bring them to the conference). Learn more, see a full schedule of events, and register today at

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