Does the Bible Condone Slavery and Rape?

by Ken Ham on July 19, 2019
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A common atheistic objection to God’s Word is the accusation that God condones slavery and rape. They will often bring up this objection as a way of saying that the Bible is supposedly an immoral document and therefore we shouldn’t read it, let alone follow or believe it. But is that a good objection?

It flows from a misunderstanding of what the biblical text actually teaches about these issues.

Well, it flows from a misunderstanding of what the biblical text actually teaches about these issues. You see, many atheists have never read the Bible for themselves or have never searched for answers to their questions. Instead, they simply repeat the objections they’ve heard from other atheists. But there are good answers to their objections!

Emeal, or “E.Z.,” Zwayne, the president of the Living Waters ministry, recently sat down with Billy Hallowell, the host of PureTalk, a Pure Flix interview program (you can find this show on Facebook), to share his testimony, answer these questions, as well as several other common atheist objections. This conversation was filmed at our Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati and is part of the “Answering Atheists” series by Pure Flix. I encourage you to watch it below:

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