Creation Museum’s Planetarium to Get Major Upgrade

by Ken Ham on May 3, 2019
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Perhaps no area of science touts the idea of very old ages more than the field of astronomy. Watch any program focused on the nighttime sky, and you’ll certainly hear about the big bang, billions of years, and even the supposed certainty of alien life. But Psalm 19:1 tells us, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” And here at the Creation Museum, we’ve been using the heavens to declare God’s glory for over a decade in our planetarium.

Now it’s time for a refresh as the technology is aged, it is difficult to find parts for it, and, in a fallen world, all items wear out including the seats. So, there are only two options: eventually close the planetarium or refurbish it with new technology and upgrade the entire theater. Of course, for us there’s only one option—upgrade so we can continue to reach people with the truth of God’s Word.

It’s going to open up a world of opportunities for new programs and content.

Our Stargazer Planetarium upgrade will feature an 800% increase in brightness and 350% in resolution as we move to the latest laser projector technology. We will also improve acoustics and install a new tilted dome (which is what planetariums are now moving to) for a much better viewing experience from every seat. It’s going to open up a world of opportunities for new programs and content.

The planetarium has truly been a highlight for hundreds of thousands of Creation Museum visitors. We’re excited that this upgrade will allow us to declare even more spectacularly to our guests the glory of God and his care for us here on planet Earth.

But we can’t do this upgrade without your support. Please consider making a donation towards this exciting project that will point millions of people towards the one who created us and stepped into history to save us—the Lord Jesus Christ.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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