Portrait of Ken and Mally Ham Unveiled at Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on April 26, 2019
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Today is, apparently, “Hug an Australian Day.” I didn’t even know there was such a day. Actually, growing up in Australia, I didn’t find it very “huggy” at all! But when I came to America, I found people wanted to hug! So maybe someone invented “Hug an Australian Day” to try to get Aussies like me to be more ready to hug! Well, that didn’t work!

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight my favorite Australian—my wife, Mally. She’s been an incredible support to me over decades in creation ministry and, as I’ve said many times before, I couldn’t do what I do without such a godly wife.

Ken and Mally Ham

During the recent dedication ceremony at the Ark Encounter for our brand-new 2,500-seat multi-purpose center, Answers Center, I had the privilege of publicly honoring Mally in a video segment on the history of the ministry.

Later in the ceremony, Mally and I were presented with a wonderful portrait rendering of the two of us, done by my very talented nephew, Dave Ham. He is a portrait and figurative artist who grew up in Brisbane, Australia. His work has been recognized by acclaimed juries, including the Portrait Society of America, and he has also received awards from multiple universities and exhibitions. He received his training through the visual art department of Pensacola Christian College in Florida (one of the colleges on our CreationColleges.org website), where he currently works as an instructor of drawing and painting.

We were honored to receive this beautiful portrait and to see it hung in the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter. Ultimately, as I said after we received this honor, AiG, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum are God’s ministry, and we’re thankful he has graciously allowed us to serve him in this way for so long.

You can see the portrait yourself, and enjoy events in our brand-new Answers Center (including daily presentations) when you plan your visit at ArkEncounter.com.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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