Watch Ken Ham on TBN’s Praise Program with Matt and Cody Crouch

by Ken Ham on March 24, 2019
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Over my many (many) years in ministry, I’ve given more interviews than I can count. And I am thankful for each one as they’ve all helped proclaim AiG’s core message—biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ—to a variety of media.

Ken on TBN

Interview with Matt and Cody Crouch

These interviews have ranged from pastors who agree with us, to hardened atheists, to everything in between. But no matter who I am speaking to, I am thankful for the opportunity to share the message God has called AiG to boldly proclaim.

Recently I sat down with Matt and Cody Crouch (a father and son) on the TBN TV show Praise for an interview, which you can watch on TBN’s website. I trust you will find this interview encouraging to you in your faith.

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