“How Long Did It Take to Make That?”

by Ken Ham on February 10, 2019
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In one of the stairwells at the Creation Museum hangs an intricate, colorful, handmade quilt. If you’ve been to the museum, you likely remember this huge quilt and, if you’re like many of our guests, you probably thought “how long did it take to make that?” That’s the most common question we get asked about the quilt as guests frequently stop and marvel at this masterful piece of handiwork.

Well, the quilter who designed and made the quilt recently visited the museum, and I had the opportunity to meet her and thank her in person for her kind donation—and now I can answer that question about the length of time it took to create the quilt.


Lydia Breitkreuz, from Saskatchewan, Canada, first started quilting with her mother in 1961, but only really became an enthusiast in the 1980s. She’s made many, many quilts, including ones that have won awards, and she now has two quilts hanging in museums. The one she donated to our museum several years ago is based on the 7 C’s of history, which form the basis of the main walk-through of our museum. Our 7 C’s are Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. She edited them slightly to incorporate “Children of Israel” by combining “Christ” and “Cross.”

Lydia’s daughter, who lives in California, heard me speak there many years ago and became very excited about the AiG message. She called her mom in Canada and told her she should make a quilt for our museum, and Lydia kindly went to work on it. After six months of almost non-stop work on her sewing machine—apparently, she didn’t work on anything else during that time—she finished the quilt and sent it to us. Six months!

We’re thankful for this beautiful quilt which adds to our guest experience at the Creation Museum. See it for yourself by planning your visit at CreationMuseum.org.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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