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by Ken Ham on November 6, 2018
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Several months ago we announced an exciting agreement with the leading faith and family friendly video streaming service PureFlix.com. This video streaming service (think Netflix or Hulu but without the perverse content!) will eventually be hosting all of our AiG video content so that more people than ever can view it. And not only are many AiG titles now available but there are several videos from our friends over at Living Waters also featured on PureFlix.com.

Living Waters is an evangelism ministry, famous for releasing thought-provoking, powerful documentaries that include on-the-street interviews and commentary from my good friend, evangelist Ray Comfort. Some of the titles from Living Waters available on PureFlix.com include:

  • 180
  • Genius
  • Audacity
  • Evolution vs. God
  • Noah and the Last Days

And several of these—including 180, Audacity, and Evolution vs. God—are also available on PureFlix.com in Spanish for the millions of Spanish speakers here in the US. Eventually our Spanish-language videos will also be available on PureFlix.com. A great review of Noah and the Last Days by AiG can be found on our website. All of these are Christian films, but parents should note that the movie 180 deals with abortion.

You can try PureFlix.com free for a month when you visit PureFlix.com. I encourage you to consider a subscription so you can enjoy the faith-building content from Answers in Genesis, as well as other great content, such as videos from Living Waters.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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