Reach the Nations in Your Own Backyard

by Ken Ham on June 19, 2018
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Are you prepared to reach followers of non-Christian religions with the gospel of Jesus Christ? For most of us, people who follow other religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, and Atheism, live in our neighborhoods and communities. These people desperately need to hear about the one true God and his love for them. Get equipped to reach people of all backgrounds with the brand-new eight-DVD set from our 2017 World Religions and Cults Conference.

This unique conference took place last year in Florence, Kentucky, between the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Various experts, including me and several other Answers in Genesis speakers, presented 17 talks on reaching those of other religions. This conference was a week of faith-building teaching, and now you can take it home with you.

Eight of the most popular sessions are available as part of a set on DVD or MP4 downloads (which are currently being offered with a special introductory price). All 17 sessions are available as audio-only MP3 downloads, perfect for listening to in the car or while working out.

The sessions in the DVD set include

We also have a comprehensive three-volume book set, World Religions and Cults, which profiles different religions, and explains how they differ from biblical Christianity and how you can reach followers of those religions with the gospel. It’s a tremendous resource to have in your library as you share the gospel with others. This set also comes with a huge poster displaying a timeline of the origins of the world’s religions and church splits from a biblical perspective. This book set is also available together with the eight DVDs at a special price.

I encourage you to order these brand-new DVD and audio resources for your home and church library. Perhaps even consider leading a group study to teach members of your church how to effectively engage with people of other religions. Order these resources, or view hundreds of others at

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