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by Ken Ham on May 18, 2018
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Part of our Public Safety team is our K-9 unit. Our officers and their highly trained dogs work to make sure everyone who comes to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter has a wonderful, safe time. Well, one of our K-9s, a highly trained Dutch shepherd named Eli, retired from service here with AiG, and was recently donated to the Presidential Palace Guard in Costa Rica.

One of our Public Safety officers, Adam Witherspoon, personally delivered Eli. This Dutch shepherd was donated by AiG as part of a program that partners with Teaching Authorities Christian Truths in Central America (TACTICA). This group seeks to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28) by investing in the lives of Central American authorities and their families through high-quality police training, evangelism, and discipleship.

Officer Witherspoon has been on several mission trips with TACTICA in the Central American nation of Costa Rica. This group arranged Eli’s donation to the Palace Guard, and Adam reports the dog was instantly at home at the presidential palace. After a short orientation, Eli went straight to work.

Here’s his official photo:

Eli the Dutch Shepherd

“The Presidential Guard [of Costa Rica] would like to thank Answers in Genesis for the donation of the dog Eli. This donation is of vital importance to our unit as it will allow us to do our work in a more efficient way.”

We’re thrilled to be involved in helping others in this unique way.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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