Thankful for Our Supporters

by Ken Ham on January 25, 2018
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We are deeply grateful for the hundreds of thousands of donors and supporters around the world who have prayerfully and financially supported AiG, to allow this ministry to reach millions each year with the message of biblical authority and the gospel. We honestly couldn’t do what we do without you—and that makes you a vital part of our ministry.

We recently heard from a supporter who came to Northern Kentucky to see the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. She raved about both attractions as most people who visit do. Here’s what she wrote:

I had the pleasure of visiting the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum last week, and was thrilled and over-joyed to see how you so masterfully and completely and graciously presented the entirety of Bible truth, the creation, and the life and purpose of Christ’s coming, his life, teachings, death, and resurrection. . . .

I am pleased I have donated to AiG for many years, and [am] delighted to contribute now to the expansion and continuing this beautiful witness of God and Jesus Christ.

B. M., from Indiana

We are thankful for supporters like her who love the Lord and want to see his gospel impact people. If you would like to partner with our ministry, whether financially or by volunteering, please visit

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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