The 10 Minute Bible Journey Combats Biblical Illiteracy and Equips Believers

by Ken Ham
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Biblical illiteracy is a rampant, increasing problem throughout America. Many churchgoers (from our experience, most churchgoers) simply don’t really know what the Bible teaches from Genesis to Revelation, or how to defend their beliefs. Several years ago, Dale Mason, a vice president at Answers in Genesis and publisher of Answers magazine, was burdened to find a concise, chronological overview of the Bible with apologetics content to help families understand the big picture of the Bible and use it to defend what they believe. However, Dale couldn’t find any resources like that.

To meet this need, I suggested that Dale write a resource that families could easily use during their morning or evening devotions—and he did. The result is The 10 Minute Bible Journey.

Sample pages from The 10 Minute Bible Journey.

This brand-new Answers in Genesis resource features 52 illustrated, 10-minute chronological Bible lessons filled with apologetics material. This resource, designed for adults and teens, gives an overview of the Bible in a memorable way. It will help you and your kids see how the Bible fits together and how Jesus is seen throughout the Old Testament. In fact it’s an excellent way to launch a full-Bible read-through; simply start with a month in this book, followed by 11 months to read the Bible itself. (Dale has even designed a “summary first” read-through plan that is tucked in the back!)

Included with the print version of the book is an oversize foldout timeline, over 300 endnotes for deeper study, exciting “faith facts,” special bonus sections confirming the truth of the Bible, and 52 original high-color illustrations. (The e-book version contains over 1,000 digitally searchable study notes with hyperlinks to documentation, related articles, special videos, and more.)

I recently did a Facebook Live video with Dale to talk about this new resource. Watch that video here.

I encourage you to add The 10 Minute Bible Journey to your personal or family devotional time. It’s a fantastic resource for parents and youth alike. Learn more and order your copy today at our online store.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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