5 Testimonies of Lives Changed at Answers for Women

by Ken Ham on May 12, 2017
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A few weeks ago, hundreds of women gathered in Florence, Kentucky, to be equipped to defend their faith at our unique and powerful Answers for Women conference. Defend, this year’s conference, got a tremendously positive response from many women, and several tell us they are already making plans to come back next year.

Dr. Purdom shared some of the feedback she received from attendees.

  • God has pricked my heart over these very issues, and I am walking away with confidence.
  • I appreciate how you have an insight into the hot topics that attack our churches and faith. You help us combat them by effectively equipping us for spiritual battle. All of your conferences have been wonderful, but I feel the best prepared to serve Christ and the battle against Him by this weekend’s speakers.
  • The content was awesome. A lot of good variety on very relevant topics. The speakers [were] good and engaging. They brought some things that our people weren’t familiar with but needed to hear (New Age, NAR, etc.).
  • The conference seems to get better each year. Thank you for holding to the authority of God’s Word and equipping us to give an answer through good session content and the books and other available materials. It’s awesome to have some place to bring our people where we can trust the content will be God-honoring, and the biblically based music was great also.
  • The content was very faith building. I only wish I could get more people to come hear it. I’ve been to several AiG conferences. I’ve never been disappointed. This one was really great. The messages were very relevant to questions I’ve been talking about with some friends.
Defend Audio

“Defend” conference audio is now available for download.

Defend Is Available for Download

We’re excited to announce that the audio from “Defend” is now available for download. If you missed out on the conference, or you want to hear the content again, you can purchase all of the sessions as MP3 downloads for only $34.99. Just want to listen to one or two of the talks again? Each presentation is available for individual purchase for only $4.99. You can order these downloads in our online store.

Life: Contending for Life from Beginning to End

We’re already looking ahead to next year’s conference, Life: Contending for Life from Beginning to End. Issues surrounding the sanctity of life are becoming increasingly prominent and polarizing. As Christians we need to be equipped to defend the sanctity of life from fertilization to natural death.

This conference, taking place at Florence Baptist Church Mt. Zion (located halfway between AiG’s Ark Encounter and Creation Museum), April 6–7, 2018, will equip you with easy-to-understand answers regarding abortion, stem cell research, gene editing, euthanasia, and more. This conference will feature several favorite speakers from previous conferences as well as new speakers and musical guests. Save the date and watch for more information on AnswersforWomen.org in the coming weeks and months.

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