New Is Genesis History? Conference This Summer

by Ken Ham on May 10, 2017
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We are thrilled to support and promote Is Genesis History?—a powerful film that was shown in theaters across America and even received an encore showing. I have been told that this documentary, which powerfully shows that the book of Genesis is indeed history, is currently number three on Amazon’s list of most popular documentaries.

Our friends behind Is Genesis History? have just announced their first Student and Educator Conference 2017 happening in Nashville, Tennessee, June 19–23, 2017.

This unique, technical-level conference is designed for college and graduate students and educators. Through lectures, discussions, Q&As, personal time with the teachers, and more, those educators and students “seeking to study the Bible, history, and science at a more technically advanced level” will have “a unique opportunity . . . to learn from and interact with the scientists and scholars who were featured in the film.” And this conference is free to all current college or graduate students!

The goals of the unique conference are to

  • “Give students and educators a solid foundation in understanding the world in light of Genesis”
  • “Provide professional guidance and advice for those seeking higher level degrees in scientific and Biblical fields”
  • “Show attendees how scientists and scholars do work in their respective fields”

Young people who want to become creation scientists or theologians frequently ask us questions regarding their chosen field and how to study and publish within a creation worldview. If you are a budding creation scientist or theologian, or if you are already teaching the next generation, I encourage you to make plans to attend this excellent conference. Space is limited, so register early to ensure your spot.

Learn more and register at Also, since the Ark Encounter is just under a four-hour drive from Nashville, maybe you could pay us a visit as a well.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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