Visitors from Around the World Enjoy the Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham
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People are coming from everywhere to visit the Ark Encounter here in Northern Kentucky (only 45 minutes south of the Cincinnati Airport). It’s not spring break or summer vacation yet, but thousands of people visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum each week. While I was visiting the Ark, I heard rave reviews.

Guests on Path at Ark Encounter Guests at Ark Encounter

Grandkids at the Ark

Our grandkids love coming to the Ark (and I love any excuse to post photos of them)! One of our grandsons (who has a great sense of humor) wanted to advertise the Ark, so we videoed him—all his own words.

Our 16th grandchild, at 4 weeks old, had his first trip to the Ark along with 3,000 other visitors that day. Our grandkids love visiting this special place that honors our Creator God and unashamedly proclaims the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel.

Grandson at Ark Encounter

Four of our 10 granddaughters (of 16 total grandkids) recently had a great time at one of their favorite places to visit—the Ark.

Granddaughters at Ark Encounter

Here are some of our grandchildren at the door exhibit in the Ark Encounter—they really enjoy this exhibit and, most of all, its message: Jesus is the Door.

Grandchildren at Ark Encounter

Our grandkids love visiting the petting zoos at the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum—these are favorite places for all our visitors.

Aramdillo at Ararat Ridge Zoo Alpaca at Ararat Ridge Zoo Goat at Ararat Ridge Zoo Goat at Ararat Ridge Zoo Ararat Ridge Zoo at Ark Encounter

Kids of all ages enjoy the petting zoos—most people spend two days at just the Creation Museum, an incredible Christian-themed attraction near Cincinnati.

Goats at Ararat Ridge Zoo Ararat Ridge Zoo at Ark Encounter

One of the latest members of our petting zoo at the Ark Encounter is a pygmy hedgehog. You may get to meet him when you visit Ark Encounter.

Pygmy Hedgehog Pygmy Hedgehog

Visitors from Around the World

You never know who you will run into at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. It was thrilling to meet Judy and her family at the Ark. She was a student in my grade 8 science class when I was teaching at Dalby High School, in Queensland, Australia, in 1975! She and her family now live in Canada and came to visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

Ken Ham and Former Student Ken Ham and Former Student

I also met a group from Mexico at the Ark. They said, “We will bring lots of visitors from Mexico to the Ark.”

Guests from Mexico

Additions to the Ark

New signage and many other additions are being installed to greatly enhance the already spectacular Ark Encounter for the busy spring/summer/fall crowds—thousands will daily visit this world-class attraction.

Ark Signage

You can learn more about upcoming expansions at the Ark and stay up to date on all the construction details by following the Ark Encounter blog.

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