Children’s Ministry Conference Coming to the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham

Our children are the next generation of Christian leaders, pastors, teachers, professors, and parents. In America and other Western nations, they are growing up in very secularized cultures that are working extremely hard to capture their hearts and minds. We need to be intentional about getting our kids into God’s Word and encouraging them to have their minds captured “to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Well, if you are a children’s ministry leader striving to make an impact in little hearts for eternity, we invite you to attend our Children’s Ministry Conference March 10–11, 2017. This conference is taking place here at the Creation Museum, near Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky.

You will hear my special presentation about reaching today’s generation of kids, as well as presentations from Bryan Osborne, our curriculum specialist and former public school Bible history teacher; Dr. David Menton, a biologist, anatomist, and very engaging speaker; and Ruth Carter, a long-time children’s ministry leader who runs our interactive Answers for Kids workshops here at the Creation Museum.

In addition to these AiG speakers, you’ll glean insights from leaders in children’s ministry including Ryan Frank, CEO of KidzMatter and Vice President at Awana; Tina Houser, senior publications director at KidzMatter and executive editor of KidzMatter magazine; and John Swomley, youth evangelist from JandY Ministries.

Along with the in-depth content of the conference, attendees get free admission to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (located just 45 minutes from the Creation Museum). They also get lunch for both days of the conference and a 20% discount on resources in the Dragon Hall Bookstore.

Our Children’s Ministry Conference will equip you to help kids stay plugged into God’s Word.

Our Children’s Ministry Conference will equip you to help kids stay plugged into God’s Word. Sadly, many Christian young people no longer think biblically but, instead, think more like the secular world that we live in here in the West. These young people need the firm foundation of God’s Word to frame their thinking.

As children’s ministry leaders, you have a tremendous opportunity to influence the next generation for the Lord.

Children need to be taught how to defend the Christian faith and answer the skeptical questions that cause many children to doubt the Bible. I encourage you to attend this unique conference and get equipped to guide the children in your sphere of influence to think starting with His Word.

Register today to get the early bird discount (available only until December 31, 2016). We hope to see you there!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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