Christian University Offers Planned Parenthood Internship

by Ken Ham on September 16, 2016
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If you’re a history student at Texas Christian University, looking for an internship, apparently you need to look no further than Planned Parenthood. Reportedly this school, with the word Christian in its name, sent out an email to history students “offering an opportunity to work with archived documents for the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.” Planned Parenthood, of course, is America’s number one provider of abortions—and such abortions are nothing less than the murder of children, millions of them.

It’s tragic that a university that claims to be Christian (although this school is known to be quite liberal) would provide an internship for students at a place that murders children in their mother’s womb. Though God’s Word has clearly told us murder is wrong (Exodus 20:13), a spokesperson defended the university’s decision:

The university offers many internships in any given semester, and does not support political or personal statements associated with any of them. Students are encouraged to seek those that match their interests.

What is the point of claiming to be a Christian university if you refuse to allow God’s Word to shape your decisions? In their view it’s perfectly acceptable to offer students an internship at an abortion provider as long as the university claims not to support any of the political statements associated with it. But by offering the internship, they really are supporting Planned Parenthood and all that it stands for. As a university they are shaping young minds, and any student will see an internship to Planned Parenthood as an endorsement of that institution and thus an endorsement of abortion. What kind of an impact is that going to make on these young students?

Abortion is murder, and those who claim to love Jesus Christ need to stand against it. Every human being has been made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and therefore has intrinsic worth regardless of whether they are born or unborn. All life is sacred and deserves to be protected.

Learn more about a biblical response to abortion in this chapter from The New Answers Book 3, “Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?

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