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by Ken Ham
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For several years, AiG has been involved with some of the civic organizations in our region. For example, we are members of the Chamber of Commerce of Grant County, where the life-size Ark has been built, and the Chamber of Commerce of Northern Kentucky, where the Creation Museum is located.

It was a blessing recently for one of our staff members to sit at a breakfast table with three business leaders who have been impacted by the Ark’s opening. To the right of our CCO, Mark Looy, was a person who works for the company that provided much of the concrete at the Ark site. Two chairs over was someone who works at the plumbing business that helped install many of the bathrooms at the Ark Encounter—including the restrooms near our shuttle bus drop off. To Mark’s immediate left at the table was the person who manages a restaurant in our area, which has seen an upturn in business since the Ark opened about eight weeks ago.

So many businesses, especially hotels and restaurants, have been seeing booming business because so many tourists are pouring into our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region to visit the Ark and museum. (By the way, the attendance at the Creation Museum has increased by at least 75% over the past eight weeks). We estimate that over 90% of our visitors are coming from outside our tristate area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and most of them are staying in local hotels and filling local restaurant seats. The two Chambers of Commerce are thrilled to have the Ark and museum being so successful. See this article from the Grant County News (August 25) that shares more about the impact of the Ark in the region.

Grant County News Front Page

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