Lessons Learned at the Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on August 13, 2016

We get visitors from all over the world at Ark Encounter. Many of these guests comment on my Facebook page about how much they enjoyed their visit and how they hope to come back with family and friends. Well, recently I saw an article in a South Carolina newspaper about an Orangeburg historian’s visit to the Ark.

Here are some excepts from his encouraging article,

Upon hearing about the opening of the Ark Encounter near the city of Williamstown, Kentucky, my wife and I decided to visit. . . .

[T]he words “Noah’s Ark” brought back memories of our childhood in participating in Bible school and Sunday school. . . .

As we toured, I reflected on my childhood. Is this what the ark really looked like? This exhibit of the ark is based on the dimensions described by the Bible. The interior and design were an architectural marvel to see. The view from the outside was breath taking. And as to the tour through the three interior decks, it created a profound impact on the way I view life and the people of the world today. . . .

We came away with a better understanding on who we are and, most importantly, where we came from and how we got here. Our lives and insight on life have dramatically changed. . . .

[W]e learned:

  • We are all descendants from Noah’s sons. . . .
  • We all are brothers and sisters who came about as a result of God telling the survivors to go forth and multiply.
  • As the world was repopulated, the people lost sight of from where and whom they descended.
  • If these facts hold truth, racism, hatred and dislike ought to never take place in the civilization in which we live. We all have the same grandfather—Noah. . . .

The bottom line for those who believe is simple. God created mankind in His image. We are all descendants of Noah’s family and they were told to multiply—not divide.

Plan your visit at ArkEncounter.com.

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