Can Vanishing Stars Point to Alien Civilizations?

by Ken Ham
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It seems every week there’s a new study regarding supposed alien life in outer space and yet another possibility of how we can find these elusive supposed beings. The newest attempt to find advanced alien civilizations involves looking into our universe for vanishing stars. The thought behind this method, proposed by a team of scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden, is that “perhaps . . . [the aliens are] harnessing energy from it using a Dyson sphere—a ball of solar panels around the star that blocks the light from our telescopes. Or maybe the aliens would want to hide their star from an enemy.”

Apparently the research team analyzed several hundred thousand stars looking for ones that seemed to disappear. The 148 candidates quickly dwindled to one as they weeded out false positives and negatives. And the one that was left might not actually have disappeared at all “because it looks faint in the second data set.”

What I find interesting is that creationists doing real, observational science in astronomy, genetics, or any other field cannot reference a biblical worldview or a Creator God or their work will never be published in a secular journal—even though they have real evidence to back-up their claims. And if the researchers are known to be creationists, they will likely have trouble getting published (even if their work doesn’t mention God and isn’t in any way related to the origins debate) simply because they are creationists! Yet completely speculative research such as looking for vanishing stars in hopes of finding advanced alien civilizations—for which no observational evidence whatsoever exists—is accepted and published in The Astronomical Journal!

It seems they are willing to believe in anything except for the biblical God and His Word.

When Bill Nye “the Science Guy” was touring the Ark Encounter two weeks ago, he said that it wasn’t crazy to believe we descended from Martians. He openly admitted there’s no proof that any life exists on Mars—though he hopes someday we’ll find the life that he thinks is there. Many secularists think like this. They hold to the hope that, despite the lack of evidence, someday, somewhere, we will find life—preferably intelligent life—in the universe. It seems they are willing to believe in anything except for the biblical God and His Word. It’s all really a clash of worldviews that began in Genesis 3God’s Word vs. man’s word.

We need to pray that these secularists will have their eyes opened to the truth of God’s Word. You see, it’s a spiritual issue, not an intellectual one. These men and women are very smart people, but they are blinded to the truth of God’s Word because of the hardness of their hearts. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes and soften their hearts so they will be receptive to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Get biblical answers to the question of extraterrestrial life in this article by AiG’s astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner, “Is Belief in Alien Life Harmless?

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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