Reporter Says “Huge” Just Doesn’t Describe the Ark

by Ken Ham on June 28, 2016

When reporters, local politicians and leaders, and visitors come for a tour of the Ark, they are astounded by the size. It’s a wooden structure, 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high. But just reading the dimensions doesn’t begin to describe how huge the life-size Noah’s Ark is. You just have to see it for yourself!

Ark Encounter

A few weeks ago Peter Bronson, a reporter with Cincy magazine (a local publication), toured the Ark and interviewed me about the project. His article, which just appeared, was very well written and researched, and described the incredible economic impact that the Ark Encounter will have on Northern Kentucky.

Bronson captures the difficulty of trying to describe the sheer size of the Ark when he writes:

“Big” was several sizes too small. “Huge” sounded merely medium. Analogies to a cruise ship or a supertanker got closer.

Standing next to the Ark is a bit like hiking through a forest of Sequoias—there’s an uneasy feeling that the world has lost its scale and puny humans have stumbled into a lost world of giants.

I think people will be astounded when they see the massive size of the Ark. They certainly won’t go away wondering how Noah could fit the animals on board! You really can’t grasp the size of the Ark until you are actually standing there looking at it. As one national secular reporter stated recently, “It’s awe inspiring.”

You can read the full Cincy article on their website.

Ark Encounter opens on July 7. Plan your visit to this incredible attraction at

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