Yes, It Will Make Waves—Big Ones!

by Ken Ham on May 21, 2016

A West Australian newspaper has just published an article written by the correspondent for Australia's Sunday Night TV program (which airs on the Channel 7 network).

In a few hours, Sunday Night will feature interviews with me and others about the Ark Encounter (opening July 7), the Creation Museum, and the Answers in Genesis ministry as a whole.

The newspaper article is titled, “Fundamentalist’s Ark Makes Waves.”

Well, I say it's going to make BIG WAVES, as our world-class theme park will attract millions of people from around the world. And yes, it’s unashamedly a Christian attraction—but one that all people will be fascinated to visit.

The reporter states, “In just over six weeks, his ‘lifesize’ replica of Noah’s Ark will open its doors to the public. The project, built on a landlocked Kentucky field in the heart of America’s Bible belt, has cemented Mr Ham as one of the most powerful and polarising conservative Christian voices.”

He then quotes Bill Nye “the Science Guy” saying this about me:

It makes your skin crawl that he’s able to use these enormous resources, which could have been used for who knows what public good, to influence children in clearly this ludicrous and wrong world view that has to be undone by some of us sooner or later.

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