Religious Institutions Targeted for Seeking Exemptions

by Ken Ham on May 16, 2016

Christian colleges in the United States are being targeted in the latest tactic to force Christians to accept secularists’ views on marriage and gender. Activists are trying to make LGBT issues civil rights issues—but they are moral ones!


Due to pressure from “the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy group,” the US Department of Education has released to the public a list of colleges seeking Title IX exemptions to protect their views on marriage and gender. This exemption is perfectly legal for religious institutions to protect themselves from being forced to support something that is strongly opposed to their firmly held religious beliefs.

Of course, these college names are being used by secularists to expose and attempt to shame the schools who have sought the exemption. The president of the LGBT advocacy group says, “(We want) to ensure that no student unknowingly enrolls in a school that intends to discriminate against them.” For some reason, these secularists seem to think that Christians have no right to stand on biblical principles and act on their sincerely held religious beliefs. But this is a freedom that the US Constitution and the First Amendment protect! These groups who reject biblical authority are really just trying to bully Christians into embracing their secular views about marriage and gender.

Secular intolerance for God’s Word and Christian principles is continuing to grow. As a whole, our culture has rejected the truth that God, as Creator, sets the rules and that He made marriage (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:4–5) and gender (Genesis 1:27). Instead, they want to do whatever is right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25)—and they want everyone else to ascribe to their version of morality. By and large, the LGBT movement doesn’t just want freedom for their views, but also wants to force everyone to agree with them!

As Christians we need to stand firm on God’s Word, despite the pressure from our culture to reject this foundation. Cultural views come and go—but God’s Word provides a solid foundation upon which to base our morality. As Creator, only God has the authority to determine right and wrong; we need to obey Him, even when it’s not popular. We need to boldly stand on God’s Word and lovingly preach the gospel as we’re salt and light (Matthew 5:13–16) in this dying culture.

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