Creation Museum and AiG Resources Equip High School Student

by Ken Ham on March 11, 2016

We here at AiG have a passion for reaching young people with the message of biblical authority and the gospel. We want to equip children and teens to stand firmly on God’s Word, without compromise, thinking biblically about science and culture.

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Well, I recently received an email from a young man in high school who has been able to use what he’s learned from AiG and the Creation Museum to stand strong throughout high school. I think you will find his testimony encouraging.

Dear Mr. Ham and the rest of the Answers team,

I wanted to write you to say how much I appreciate your ministry. The articles on your website and [in your] books have helped me tremendously in my walk with Christ as I've gone through high school. My family visited the Creation Museum a few years ago before I started 9th grade, which was the same year I was going to start my Biology class. I was honestly a bit nervous to have my faith bombarded with the evolutionary worldview. After coming to the Creation Museum and reading some of the books from the Museum, I realized it was not a matter of evidence, but worldview. This has helped me a lot with the rest of the science classes that I have taken in high school. I haven't had to stop thinking in order to remain a Christian. Instead, I can see that the truth of God's Word is supported by what we see in creation. Mr. Ham's blog is also an awesome resource I use all the time. I'll be praying!

–Josiah, MI

We’re so thankful that God is using us to equip and encourage young people in their faith. With spring break coming up, I encourage you to use that time to bring your young person to the Creation Museum. They will be ready to return to their studies, equipped with the message of biblical authority and how science confirms God’s Word from the very beginning. That’s the message they need to hear in this skeptical culture!

This year until June 30, we have a special museum program called “more kids free.” This is to encourage parents to bring the whole family to our Cincinnati-area museum and to equip their children and teens.

For high schoolers, like the young man who wrote the testimony above, and for college students, I urge you to make sure they get the biggest selling creation apologetics books in the world—The Answers Books, volumes 1–4. This will equip them with answers to the most frequently asked questions they hear and help them not doubt God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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