Come to Renew-a-Thon and See the Full-Size Ark

by Ken Ham on March 9, 2016

The Ark Encounter plus the Creation Museum plus renowned speakers equal an amazing, fun-filled family vacation. If you were planning to come see the brand-new Ark Encounter this summer (opening July 7), there’s no better time to come than during our first-ever Renew-A-Thon conference in August. It’s an opportunity for Christian families to be spiritually fed and physically refreshed during this special series of events.

This conference is unique because it’s “at your own pace.” While the whole conference lasts from August 1–13, you choose when you want to come and how long you want to stay, as we’ve repeated the sessions for maximum flexibility. You can come for two days, four days, a week, the full two weeks—it’s completely up to you! For example, even though the conference technically begins on a Monday, families could arrive on, let’s say, a Wednesday and if they stay through the following Tuesday, they will hear almost all the same talks as if they attended the first week of Renew-A-Thon.

This unique family vacation includes special teaching here at the Creation Museum with exclusive sessions just for Renew-A-Thon attendees, two weeks of unlimited admission to the Creation Museum, planetarium admission, and, of course, admission to the Ark Encounter.

Make Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area your vacation destination. Find out about other world-class attractions in this area.

Come and be equipped to stand on God’s Word, spend time at the Creation Museum and Ark, and have a wonderful vacation—a time of spiritual and physical renewal! After all, what other vacation allows you to tour Noah’s Ark?

You can learn more or register for Renew-A-Thon on our outreach page.

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