Were Our Forefathers Intelligent?

by Ken Ham

Was ancient man unintelligent, or was he smart and resourceful, just like people today? Well, how you answer that question depends on your starting point about human origins. Evolutionists believe that ancient man was uncivilized, primitive, and unintelligent. But God’s Word gives us a totally different picture of our forefathers. Adam’s son Cain built a city (Genesis 4:17) and Scripture records that, just a few generations later, people were playing the harp and flute and crafting with bronze and iron (Genesis 4:21–22). They were anything but unintelligent!

Ancient Technology

Well, a recent study of Bushmen in Namibia found that tribes “quickly found ways to evolve their hunting methods.” Apparently, as they hunted in our cursed, fallen world, it didn’t take them very much time between adopting the bow and arrow and using poison made from certain plants or beetle species on their arrowheads. This is similar to Amazonian tribes using frog poison on their hunting arrows.

Of course, this study should come as no surprise to Christians who start with God’s Word. Tribal groups—or any people for that matter—aren’t primitive or unintelligent. They probably watched poison kill something only once before they realized it would be a great asset in hunting! This is not some imagined evolutionary step from a more primitive hunter to a more sophisticated one. It is simply an example of human ingenuity and problem-solving. A poisoned animal would almost certainly die more quickly and eventually be less likely to turn on and injure its hunters.

Humans are all descended from Adam and have been created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). One way they often show this is by accomplishing the dominion mandate to fill and subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28). It seems no matter what kinds of environments people from Babel spread out into, people found ways to use what was around them to accomplish what they needed to do. Mankind has been created with the ability to be aware of his surroundings and to be resourceful in problem-solving. And it shows!

Since every person is a descendent of Adam, made in God’s image, every person—no matter where they live—needs to hear the message of the gospel. They need to know that they have a sin problem, that the penalty for sin is death and separation from God for eternity, but that Jesus Christ came, died in our place, taking our penalty upon Himself, and rose again victorious over death. Anyone who places his or her trust in Christ and what He has done will be saved (Romans 10:9–10). That’s the message that all people everywhere need to hear!

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