AiG/Ark Victory in Court!

by Ken Ham on January 25, 2016

Atheist organizations and other secular groups have been falsely claiming that AiG/Ark Encounter should not receive a facially neutral tax incentive in Kentucky because of our Christian message.  They have also been wrongly stating that AiG would be breaking the law if we used a religious preference in our hiring at the future Ark.  AiG has responded many times to their bogus claims, charges which are nothing more than the secularists’ blatant desire to see religious discrimination be practiced against AiG.  Such discrimination against Christianity is growing across America.  

When the State of Kentucky more than a year ago denied the Ark access to a tax incentive program because of our Christian message and our intent to use a religious preference in hiring, AiG, for the sake of Christian freedom in the nation, took the state to federal court. AiG wanted to ensure that the US Constitution and its First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion would be upheld. The federal judge ruled late Monday, and it’s a victory for AiG. Really, this court decision is precedent-setting and a triumph for the First Amendment’s promise of the free exercise of religion in America. See this web article for details.

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