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by Ken Ham on December 22, 2015

With the anticipation of Ark Encounter tickets going on sale on January 19, 2016, and with the opening of the life-size Ark on July 7, 2016, it was time for our Ark Encounter website to get a new look in preparation!

I think my favorite feature of the new website is that I’m able to live stream directly to the Ark homepage at any time! I’m excited to be able to give live updates from the construction site or Ark design studio as I’m there talking with the people working on the project! In case you miss any updates, you can still watch the replays at ArkEncounter.com/encounters or on my YouTube channel.

Short Live Broadcast from Ark Site at 8:30 a.m. Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, I am going to be giving a short live message and Ark Encounter update on camera from the Ark construction site at 8:30 a.m. (ET) Christmas morning. I will do such live streams periodically from the Ark site. This is a great new feature to help you keep up to date and more connected with Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter. You can also view all the video updates by clicking on the “Video Updates from Ark Encounter” link on the front page of the new website.

So if you can, join us at ArkEncounter.com Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. (ET) for a short live broadcast, and be sure to follow @arkencounter on Twitter and Facebook to be notified of future live streams.

Also, the new Ark Encounter website looks great on any device, including your mobile phone or tablet. And there’s a whole new “explore” section featuring tons of wonderful infographics and content related to the Ark Encounter exhibits! Our AiG design and content teams did a marvelous job with this project, and I’m so excited to have a world-class website representing the world-class Ark Encounter.

As you’re visiting the website, I invite you to think about reserving your tickets to be one of the first on board the ship. The best way is to purchase boarding passes before December 31, which will allow you to reserve your tickets during the priority ticketing period. Or you can always purchase your admission tickets for the Ark’s first 40 days and nights in July and August beginning January 19! Tickets are sold first-come, first-served though, so don’t wait long, and be sure to sign up now to get your email reminding you the moment tickets are on sale! Find out the details about ticket purchasing.

I’m so excited for the opening of the life-size Ark because I believe it will be one of the greatest Christian outreaches of our day. As the culture is drifting further from God’s Word, this attraction will teach people that God’s Word can be trusted from the very first verses in Genesis, to the account of Noah’s Ark, to the gospel of Jesus Christ as recorded throughout the Bible.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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