Atheists Create Nativity Scene Fever

by Ken Ham on December 18, 2015

A recent news story reminds me of this verse from Genesis: “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive” (Genesis 50:20).

Born in a Barn

For too long, atheists have been using the courts to impose their religion of atheism on communities in America. Even though the courts in many places have sadly succumbed to this religious group’s intolerance, more and more people are being emboldened to do something about it.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has a vendetta against Christianity, and they have been successful in having Nativity scenes removed from many public places in the nation. Well, one community fought back, and as a result, more Nativity scenes than ever are now on public display in this town. I would like to see communities do this across the nation to show we are not going to be intimidated by the intolerant atheists who want nothing but their religion of naturalism imposed on every person in the nation.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (one of the groups that has opposed the Ark Encounter project) reportedly threatened to sue the city of Wadena, Minnesota if they wouldn’t take down their Nativity display—a display that they’ve been putting up for 40 years. So what did the town do? Well, LifeSite reports, "After an atheist group forced one Minnesota city to take down its Nativity scene, residents took matters into their own hands, blanketing the town with nativity scenes in response . . . hundreds of them.” The news report continues:

Disappointed Christians responded to the Wadena city council decision in various ways. Brady Folkestad applied to use a bandstand in a city park that has been designated for public discourse for his family Christmas gathering, in which he would like to display Christmas decorations and a Nativity scene . . . Others have followed suit, renting the bandstand for a day to put up their Nativity scene and take it down when evening comes.

The bandstand is now booked throughout the holidays.

Other folks began to buy and put up Nativity scenes on their yards and in their shop windows. Hundreds of them. There are four sets in a craft store window, three at a local café, two at the local bookstore. Some stores painted their display windows with the Nativity scene.

Wadena resident Dani Sworski started a Facebook page filled with pictures of the manger scenes all over town. "Let's shower the town with Nativity scenes, let's share our faith!" she declared. Minneapolis's Star Tribune reports, "Holy families are starting to outnumber the 4,000 residents of this central Minnesota railroad town."

Read the rest of the fascinating account here.

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