Come to Spectacular Christmas Town!

by Ken Ham on December 8, 2015

The Creation Museum’s annual free Christmas Town is always a big hit here in our Cincinnati area. Over the years tens of thousands of people have come and toured our beautifully lit gardens and watched our live Nativity. If you’ve been wanting to make a trip to the Creation Museum, this Christmas season is a great time to do it! Even if you’ve been to Christmas Town before, you’ll want to come again as every year we add new attractions and lights and other features to this free event. Really, it’s become a family tradition for many people in our region to come to Christmas Town and see what’s new. In fact, the average visitor drives 130 miles one way to get here!

And this year is no exception! The lights at Christmas Town at the Creation Museum are spectacular—these photos taken on my cell phone only show a fraction of the fantastic exquisite Garden of Lights.

Ken Ham Family Gazebo and Lake Magi Drama Pathway Purple Trees Snowmen

We had more than 5,000 people visit this weekend. We’ve added even more lights this year to make the gardens look more spectacular. In addition to the live Nativity and Magi drama, my friend Buddy Davis and I are putting on a free fun-filled Christmas program with special music that’s sure to make you laugh and sing along. Last year’s program was a hit, and we’re looking forward to the new show for this year! It starts at 4:00 p.m. on Christmas Town days, and it is also free.

We’ve also added a fair trade Christmas market with unique gifts so you can do a little Christmas shopping. We also invite you to visit our Dragon Hall Bookstore, where you’ll find AiG resources to equip yourself and your family! Maybe you could even purchase a cup of hot chocolate or enjoy a tasty treat while you browse.

The museum also offers a delicious turkey dinner for sale in Noah’s café for only $6.99 (drink included), and this year we’re selling brats, jumbo hot dogs, and chili dogs outside. For a low price, you can even ride the zip lines or stop by the Stargazer’s Planetarium and enjoy The Christmas Star program. And admission to the Creation Museum exhibits after 5 p.m. on Christmas Town days is only $5, so bring some friends who may have never visited the museum!

Christmas is always an exciting time around the Creation Museum! I encourage you to join in on the fun by making a trip to see it. You’ll have a great time and be encouraged to turn your heart toward the real meaning of Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Christ has never been left out of Christmas at Christmas Town. See the Creation Museum Website for a list of all the free activities.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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